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Use Blephasol in conjunction with Blephaclean wipes.


Blephasol – a unique mode of action:


  1. A high tolerance micelle solution
  2. Lid margin and skin cleansing
  3. Easy to use 100ml bottle, with no need to mix


Use Blephasol twice a day, morning and night.


In the interests of patients who exhibit sensitivity to unnecessary additives, Blephasol is formulated without the use of preservatives or perfumes.


Composition of Blephasol

  1. Polysorbate 20 (forms micelles)
  2. Polyoxamer 184 (dissolution of epithelial residues, sebum and conjunctival secretions)
  3. PEG 8 (cleansing hydrating and lubricating agent)
  4. PEG 6 caprylic (hydrating and lubricating agent
  5. Capryloyl Glycine (antimicrobial)
  6. Dipotassium and potassium phosphate
  7. Sodium Hydroxide (neutralising agents)

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