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Hylo Tear

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Available as: 10ml.

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HYLO-Tear is indicated for all forms of Dry Eye and for Post Surgical Lubrication.

The high quality Hyaluronic Acid used, provides optimal viscosity and in turn enhances the staying time in the eye.

Hyaluronic acid has unique characteristics that make it ideal for the management of dry eye sensation: from a patient’s point of view, Hyaluronic Acid has the effect of a gel, with the comfort of a drop.

Hylo-Tear is compatible with all forms of Contact Lenses.

HYLO-Tear is completely Phosphate Free as it is buffered using a Citrate Solution. – The only Hyaluronic Acid solution to have this buffer.

It is delivered via the patented Continuous Mono Dose System, the only Preservative Free Multidose system which guarantees 12 weeks sterility from first opening.

The 10ml allows a guaranteed 300 drops, and the one click-one drop action means there is no wastage.  

Instructions for Use:

 1.      Before First Use Only, the bottle must be primed. To do this invert the bottle and pump the base 6-10 times until the first drop appears. The System is now ready for use.

2.      The Bunny Grip. Place two fingers on the base of the bottle and your thumb on the shoulder, forming a “bunny ears” like grip

3.      Supporting Hand. For best use, use your free hand as a support to the hand holding the bottle and rest it against your face.

4.      Releasing one drop. Pull down your lower eye lid using your support hand. Tilt your head back and press the base to release one drop. Take care not to touch the tip of the bottle against your eyes or lid margins

5.      After use, place the cap back on the top of the bottle


How often and how long can you use Hylo-Tear ?:

Please use Hylo-tear according to your Doctors instructions. Normally one drop of Hylo-Tear can be instilled three times daily. If necessary this can be increased.

Hylo-Tear is suitable for long term use, but please consult your Doctor if your symptoms persist or worsen.

Hylo-Tear must be discarded 12 weeks after first opening. To help you remember the bottle label has a space where you can note down the date the product was first used.


Warnings and Precautions

Do not use beyond Expiry Date

Keep out of reach of children


Hylo-Tear 0.1% is a sterile, Preservative free solution containing 0.1% Hyaluronic Acid. It therefor offers the advantages of being preservative free with the convenience of a multi-dose bottle.

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