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Ilast Hydraclean 50ml

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Ilast Hydraclean 50ml
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Ilast Hydraclean cleans the eyelids while preserving the oculo-palpebral ecosystem. It helps preserve the tear film and eyelids using only these active ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid 0.5% – for moisturisation, protection & promoting healing

• Polysorbate 20 – emollient and cleanser

• Allantoin 0.2% – soothes and promotes healing

Ilast Hydraclean contains no preservatives and is free from:

• Alcohol • Essential oils • Fragrance • Paraben 

Key features include:

• Effective cleansing of the diseased eyelid

• Lasts for 90 days once opened

• Registered Medical Device

• Easy to use pump action dispenser bottle

• Suitable for sensitive skin

Ilast Hydraclean is gel designed for cleaning diseased eyelids, particularly the palpebral margin, in all forms of blepharitis. It enables the mechanical elimination of scales, secretions & crusts present on the eyelids and roots of eyelashes. The combination of sodium hyaluronate and allantoin takes part in the maintenance of hydration and encourages skin healing.



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